Alexis Duque R&D and Security Leader at Rtone.

About Me

Welcome to my webpage !

I am leading the IoT Security department and the R&D activities at Rtone.

I have a Master of Engineering degree in Telecommunications from INSA Lyon (2015) and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Lyon (2018) after a thesis on Visible Light Communications for the IoT.

My thesis was in collaboration between Rtone and the CITI laboratory under the CIFRE fellowship, and was supervised by Razvan Stanica, Hervé Rivano and Adrien Desportes (Rtone Chief Executive Officer).

I am actively involved in the PACLIDO collaborative project on lightweight cryptographic protocols for the IoT, for which I am the technical lead for Rtone.

I regularly attend IT conferences and give talks about security in IoT.

You can follow me on twitter @alexis0duque and have a look on my Google scholar profile.

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