Alexis Duque PhD student at the CITI Lab, INSA Lyon - Agora Team, INRIA.


Tutorials on PhantomNet and Paradrop

Make your Bluetooth Low Energy IoT device more secure with Visible Light Communication

I wrote a post on Medium about Bluetooth Low Energy security showing how Visible Light Communication can improve it.

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VLCS 2017 accepted paper

The paper “SeedLight: Hardening LED-to-Camera Communication with Random Linear Coding”, co-authored with Razvan Stanica, Hervé Rivano and Adrien Desportes, has been accepted for publication at the VLCS 2017 workshop, to be held in Snowbird, Utah, USA, on October 16, co-located with the prestigious ACM MobiCom 2017.

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IACR Cryptology Spring School on Security & Correctness in the IoT

MiXiT 2017

From April 20 to 21, I attended the MiXiT 2017 conference in Lyon, France.

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